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9 thoughts on “ Not Sure Shes Mine

  1. Oct 10,  · [INTRO] D G D A D [VERSE 1] D Love D G I've been looking for a while G D been close a couple times A D man shes hard to find D towns D G everywhere along the map G D well ive traveled there and back A D and i wonder where shes at [CHORUS 1] D Yeah Maybe shes in Dallas D G cheering for the cowboys G D maybe laying low A down in mexico D i know /5(35).
  2. She broke my heart because I really do love her, I tried really hard to get her to come back and she did. She came back to me and I was extremely happy. The problem is that she is pregnant and I'm not sure if it's mine. There is a chance it might be mine but there is also a chance it's not mine .
  3. Jun 19,  · At just 23 years old, she knows there’s time to develop, and she believes the ultimate prize will still be there when the time is right. “I think I can take some time,” Agapova said. “I don’t need to hurry up. If it’s mine, it won’t run away from me.” Gallery UFC on ESPN Best photos from Las Vegas.
  4. Coworker Finds Friend's BF On Tinder, And She's Not Sure Who To Believe Knowable. Brandon Gage. 06 September My boyfriend stayed at mine last night, so he dropped me off at work before his gig today -- I made him a brew, he stayed a bit to chat, and then he left. A bit later, one of my favorite coworkers pulled me aside and said she'd.
  5. She's pregnant and I don't know if it's mine.: I have been seeing a woman and for the past 8 months we have been trying to get pregnant. This month, according to her fertility app, her first fertility day was Monday, November 6th. I came inside of her that night. We didn't have sex again that window. On Friday, November 10th in the morning she said that it's time (ovulation).
  6. Jun 03,  · Sorry to be crass but it means she's a bitch. She's trying to have her cake and eat it too. As abother person said, she's basically keeping you on the hook on case someone she likes more doesn'twork out and that's grade A BS. Figuring out relation.
  7. Feb 27,  · Strong young woman, she is loyal to those she loves. That is the reason why she found herself in that intense predicament. Now bound to the dangerous, possessiv First book in the Ties That Bind duet, Mine is the result of the collaborative work of two authors I've been following for a few years now: Natasha Knight and Ashleigh Zavarelli.4/5().
  8. Sep 25,  · My ex girlfriend has a 9month old child who could possibly be mine we have not been together in over a year. I have nothing that can say she is mine or prove anything only a few texts with her saying she is, and saying she's not when she is mad. Right now you have no legal rights and you are not even sure that you are the father. You are.

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