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9 thoughts on “ Dreams Debugged - Various - The Microwave Has Eyes vol. 1 (File)

  1. The girl’s eyes light up when she sees her cake’s warm chocolate lava commingling with the rich vanilla ice cream. and dreaming microwave dreams. 4 Comments. Cottonsquares on July 16, at pm ” fighting off the compulsion to pour chocolate sauce all over Carmela’s moneymakers and lick them clean. Yes, I can be a very bad boy.”.
  2. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. 56, NO. 12, DECEMBER Two different versions of the system were developed, one using eyes [1]. An intra-ocular pressure monitor being designed in our labo-.
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  4. For the ones exposing these horrendous crimes they developed methods to inflict maximum pain, e.g. by cooking such a person alive with a high power microwave weapon, or burning the skin of the target or making the target burp or fart every few minutes to events occurring in the life of the target (including e.g. opening a website on a computer.
  5. Dreams about eyes are common since we see eyes and look into other people’s eyes daily, but just like everything else, eyes in dreams can have various symbolic meanings. Dream about a woman with piercing eyes. If you had a dream about a woman, who had piercing eyes and a stunning look, then this dream represents bad luck for you.
  6. Dream About Microwave Exploding To have microwave exploding like a bomb, perhaps your thoughts and desires are not right. Perhaps you have put wrong items in the microwave like egg, aluminum, spoon, or other metal. You will soon be met with some disastrous results.
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  8. I've been having a recurring dream about my eyes. In the dream Im standing in my teenage room (as an adult) looking in the mirror and pulling out staples from my eyeballs. In the dream there is swelling and blood but I can see clearly. Im trying to figure out what possible meaning this dream could have. May 3, at AM.
  9. Every element on the periodic table is classed by its ELECTRON molecular orbit. For instance, Hydrogen is element #1 on the table because it has one single electron. Oxygen is number 8 - NORMALLY the gas has 8 electrons. The air that we breath is actually O2. It is composed of two oxygen molecules bound together. O3 - O8 is called OZONE.

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